Why Use Sustainable Decor In Your Home

Why Use Sustainable Decor In Your Home

Did you know that it is not just what you wear that matters, but the space you live in? While it may appear obvious, this often slips our mind, thinking, "if it isn't on my body, then it can't affect me" - but it does.

Sustainable home decor provides your space with breathable and non-toxic materials and supports your overall well-being.

Your abode is where you spend most of your time, rest, and create from - so, you might as well fill it up with sustainable decorations that support your body, mind, and spirit.

If this isn't enough, let's go deeper on why you should consider investing in sustainable home decor:

• Non-Toxicity

Just as your skin breathes what you put on it, such as lotions, perfumes, and even clothes - your entire body breathes your environment.

Research proves that indoor environments hold higher amounts of volatile organic compounds (airborne chemicals) than outdoors. These chemicals are in furniture, building materials, electronics, cleaning products, and personal care products.

Thus, the air quality in your home is not the healthiest - especially if the materials are not eco-friendly nor sustainable.

If you want to find furniture with lower chemical emissions - search if labeled with the GreenGuard Gold Certification. By placing non-toxic decor in your home, you ensure a safer environment for you and your cherished ones.

• Lower Carbon Footprint

Whenever buying sustainable home decor, recycled/up-cycled, and ECOLOGO certified products, you are helping reduce the carbon footprint. Get informed about the energy, manufacture, building, and materials involved in the making of home decor products - and you will think twice about where you place your dollar.

• Style and Effectiveness

Sustainable materials never go out of trend, and they can more often than not end up being a lot stronger and durable than mass-produced materials.

That's right - whether you want a modern look, a cozy and rustic atmosphere, or even a minimalist sphere, eco-friendly materials are available. Think of metal, wood, bamboo, canvas, and terracotta!

And while these materials might be a bit more costly, you'd be investing in products of quality and endurance.

The energy that surrounds you has a tremendous effect on your mental, emotional and spiritual health. Using sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical decor in your home supports the land and its resources while enriching and beautifying your own abode.

And keep in mind that you don't always have to buy brand new items to decorate with - but can even create your own decor or support second-hand!