Tips to Help Guys Dress at a Rave

Ladies aren't the only ones that attend raves. Guys also have their fashion sense when it comes to getting down at a good festival. It's about having a good mix of fashion and function to enjoy the event. Here are some tips to help guys dress at a rave.

Tips to Help Guys Dress at a Rave

Choose the Right Shirt

Part of rave wear is getting the ideal shirt to set everything. Whether it's a raver tee, a sleek design with neon print, or something that would be perfect for your glow necklace, you need something breathable to wear.

Raves get very hot, especially indoors when all of the people congregate. Make sure that you also don't wear why because you don't know if there's paint involved that could get your plain white tee messy.

If you're at a rave outdoors in the heat, it's not a bad idea to wear a tank top with a fun design. You'll be more mobile and can keep you from sweating up a storm.

Pick Some Comfortable Pants

If it's a bit chilly, choose some loose-fitting pants that allow you to move around better. You can wear jeans, but make sure they aren't too fitted to the body. You don't want to get any rips in them from stomping and Melbourne shuffling around.

It's not a bad idea to wear some old jeans you don't mind getting dirty. When it's hot outside, shorts are always a good thing. Cargo shorts may be the most convenient.

You can have extra pockets for your phone, wallet, keys, and other small items. Some of them have zippers to provide more protection for your belongings.

Get Good Footwear

If you're indoors or on a flat surface outside, sneakers are always great. You should pick something that allows you to grip the floor better. Also, choose something light and black.

If someone steps on your black sneakers, it'll be easier to clean. If you're expecting to be on uneven terrain and the weather might be a bit rainy, some comfortable boots provide you protection from the elements.

Choose some boots that are a bit lighter to help make it more comfortable to move around. You can even find some LED shoes to help you accentuate your footwork when you're in a rave circle.

Take some time to get the ideal festival outfit to help you prepare for your next rave.