Another "marshmallow" video - My Vlog (updated)

This is my marshmallow challenge video.  It all stems from a challenge laid down by Heather at NoteFromLapland (explained here).  Please watch the video in full and follow all the instructions.

As you have now watched the video, consider yourself "tagged" if you want to join in.  Child #3 wanted a go and here is his attempt:  

We intend to move on to cream crackers and cheesy wotsits so expect more vlogs from us in the very near future.

I was having issues with YouTube whilst trying to upload the first vlog so I used Facebook Video.  Of course, now all my Facebook friends have see my pathetic attempt and some have joined in, also getting their children involved.  From this has stemmed a Facebook group (Marshmallow Squeeze) where you can post your videos and join in the fun!!


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