These Boots Were Made For Walking

After reading the most recent blog post over at Cherished By Me -  a post devoted to buying shoes but getting a bargain - I remembered that I had this draft post stored and now is just a good a time as any.

I love shoes.  I love boots.  I like wedges.  I love trainers.  I love pumps.  I love flip-flops.  I don't really get on with sandals.  I think my taste in shoes and boots is not what you'd think from me - I veer from one extreme to the other.

The boots on the right are my latest purchase and the BIGGEST bargain I have ever experienced.

A fellow member of a parenting forum announced that her brother-in-law's online shoe company was going into administration so we were to make bids for the footwear that was available on his website.  Being the nosy person that I am, I navigated over to the website and fell off my chair when I looked at the prices.  The shoes were £75 and more!!!  And they were U.G.L.Y.  For a laugh, I carried on browsing through the pages and spotted some boots that looked almost normal.

I stared longingly at them...
Then I saw the price...


But this is a guy who needs to get rid of stock.  And quick.  So I sent a message to my friend and asked what sort of prices he was expecting.  She said that she didn't know but knew that he would accept "silly offers".  Ooohhh, a challenge.

I emailed him, offering £20, expecting to be ignored, but this was seriously all I could afford - even as a treat for myself.  He emailed me back within the day, explaining that he couldn't accept less than £29 but would only charge me £3 for delivery.

I unplugged the laptop, sidled up to my husband, showed him the boots, reminded him of the chainsaw that I'd just bought him from eBay (don't ask!) and told him to transfer some money into my Paypal account.

*ha ha ha ha ha* they are all mine!!!  *strokes screen*

This is my other "extreme footwear".
My New Rocks 710's
All £120 of them - delivered direct from Spain

I won a good chunk of money in a radio competition and had been admiring these for ages.  As I'd never won a substantial amount of money before - and it had been earmarked as "splurge" money - I decided to go all out and buy these.  

Fuck me, they hurt the back of my heels but the look on people's faces is SO worth it!

I have loads of other types of shoes - my black & yellow Dunlops, the black Mary Jane work shoes and my purple Dr Martens spring to mind - and I don't think I'll ever settle into one style... that's just not me.