It's like Christmas 12 times a year - Secret Post Club #1

A couple of weeks ago, Heather at Notes From Lapland decided that she wasn't causing enough havoc around the blogging community so wrote this post about the joys of receiving real letters or parcels that are just for you, delivered by a real postman, and not boring, responsible, adult stuff like bills or mundane spam emails whilst sat at your computer.  The response to this post was overwhelming and loads of people wanted to join in with what is now known as the "Secret Post Club".  Look, we've got a badge and everything!!  More details are available on Heather's blog, it's not exclusive and if you don't want to join in one month then just you just let Heather know within the time limits that she has clearly laid out.

Ever efficient, Heather set about organising everybody and letting us know who to send our first Secret Post Club parcel to.  Fast forward to today and mine has arrived!!!

It's a box... how exciting... no clues on the outside

A letter (handwritten) and a present, wrapped in tissue paper... come on - let me at it


Lots of beautiful things - all hand-made

I now have another person to add to my list of "crafters who make presents for difficult people".  

Who is this lovely lady?  It's Charlotte, aka Miss Searles!!
So a massive thank you to you, Charlotte... and you can stalk me any time you like.