Knitting Or Cross-Stitch?

Jumper - cross-stitched using "knit stitch"
Today, I was hunting for a gift box that I knew I had stashed somewhere and I stumbled across my craft bag.  Well, I say "stumbled" - it was more like "oh, bugger, I'd forgotten about this..."  This bag is where I store my current craft project, whether it be cross-stitch, card making or knitting.  I *adore* cross-stitching and have lots of finished projects proudly displayed around the house.  When it comes to other crafty things, I tend to lose interest fairly quickly.

My mother-in-law is now the proud owner of all my rubber stamps and a large box of "bit's and pieces that might be useful for card-making" after it was found in the spare room and I realised that I hadn't touched it for over a year.  I thought it was safe to say that the novelty had worn off.

I think that now the same can be said for my most recent knitting project.  When I found out my daughter was expecting her first baby I decided that Nana-to-be would knit the baby a cardigan.  I scoured the craft stall at our local market for just the right coloured wool, purchased the correct sized needles, waved a dismissive hand at the rolling eyes and the "you'll never finish it" comments from various family members and cast on 70-odd stitches.

For two weeks I slaved at that cardigan, watching my project grow and develop.  Then I had an assignment due for my Open University course so something had to give.  The knitting was safely stored in my craft bag and put behind the chair, ready for the following week when stress-time was over.

My granddaughter is now 14 months old and this is what I found today:


The positive is that my daughter is pregnant again so I could attempt to finish it.  But there's another two assignments due...  I think I'll cross-stitch her something instead.  At least I know I'll finish that.