Childhood memories that make me smile

You can blame Manda (from Flying Start Mag) for this blog post.  I read her blog post about shiny, happy, feel good stuff and saw that I was tagged.  I thought I could get off this one lightly because I'd already joined in the Shiny, Happy Meme but then there was the twitter alert and the fact that she'd moved the goalposts by making a list of 20 (yes, 20!! Has she nothing better to do?) things that make her feel happy.  So I left a jokey comment about having to use my day off on Friday to write this one up and I got told that I'd have to compile a list of 21.  That'll teach me to keep my mouth shut (or fingers still... whatever)!!

So, how do I move the goalposts myself and *still* achieve one-upmanship?  Oh yes, I know... a list of childhood memories - the stuff that makes me yearn for "ye olde days" of being a child, with no cares in the world.

Click this player and listen to the music whilst reading the rest of the blog post
The Noveltones - Left Bank Two .mp3
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Remind you of anything?

6 TV Programmes

In order: 
The Magic Roundabout
Play Away with Brian Cant
Worzel Gummidge (it used to scare the shit out of me when he changed heads)
Take Hart (and Morph)
Grange Hill - The Zammo years (Just Say No)
Blockbusters - can you still do the Blockbusters Hand Jive..?  Go on... give it a go.

5 Musical Memories

In order:
Brotherhood of Man, Save Your Kisses For Me
Showaddywaddy, Under The Moon Of Love
T'Pau, China In Your Hand
Yazz and the Plastic Population, The Only Way Is Up
Live Aid!!!

4 Fantastic Films

In order:
Back To The Future
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Breakfast Club

3 Sporting Moments

In order:
Jane Torvill & Christopher Dean - Barnum on Ice
Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards - Calgary 1988
Daley Thompson - Decathalon 1984

2 Board Games

In order:
Trivial Pursuit

1 Computer Game

Jet Set Willy

Aaahhh the memories!!!  Yes - all 21 of them!!!
I'm now off for a lie down in a darkened room...

So, who to tag now??  I think I'd like to see a childhood memory (just one, no need to go mad like me, unless you want to, of course) of the following:
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