Movember and more...

If you've not already heard about Movember then where have you been hiding? Movember is a charity that raises the profile of prostate and other cancers that affect men.  They raise awareness by encouraging the testosterone enhanced among us to be sponsored to grow some face furniture during the month of November... Moustache + November = Movember.  Geddit?

So those of us aren't blessed with a furry top lip (f'nar), what can we do?  Stop bleaching, plucking or waxing for a month?  Oooohhh no... there's a much easier way to go and Mo'.  FACEBOOK!

118 118 (the directory enquiry people)  have created a great little app where you can upload a photo or use one of your existing Facebook photos and Mo' yourself for Movember. Once it's in the gallery you can get your friends to vote for you to win prizes.  And in true Blue Peter fashion, here's one I made earlier (Laura and Annie are going to KILL me! love it and have made it their Facebook profile picture too!).


Click the image to shoot through to the 
Movember Gallery and hit me with a vote.

Go and Mo' yourself on Facebook using the 118 118 application 
and if you make it your profile picture, 118 118 will donate £1 to Movember.
All the terms, conditions and shizzle are on their info page.

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PS:  You can always submit your experience of cancer to my occasional guest post series.
More details on the Cancer : Your Story page

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