Top Tip to make new boots last longer

I have a fantastic Top Tip straight from a cobbler that will make your boots last twice as long.

These boots were made for working...
I bought these boots from Tesco yesterday after searching high and low for a pair of flat heeled, black, knee-high boots that were actually in my price range (i.e. as cheap as cheap can be without actually being free), completely flat and truly knee-high.  I needed them for work.

Our local friendly cobbler told me that ALL new boots should be resoled and reheeled before wear as many boots and shoes are made with very thin soles which wear out quite easily.  There must be some truth in the theory because my last pair of boots lasted me four years after an initial resole.

Unless he's talking cobblers, of course, and I've just fallen for the oldest trick in the book: "How to make money out of gullible customers and keep a dying trade in business."

PS:  The boots are lovely; really comfortable and I'm probably going back to buy the same pair in brown when I have some spare cash.  Shame they're not leather.