Family Life

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I found this picture on my laptop last night.  It was in a folder of "pictures to sort out at some point" and it was taken the last time my sister came over to visit.  We had a bit of a houseful that day because my dad and his wife were visiting, along with my sister, her two boys, my daughter, her two girls and the rest of the O'Hara clan that already live with me.  Ordering "fish and chips for twelve" caused a raised eyebrow or two at the local chippy but it was great to have everyone round and to catch up.

This picture just captures my family perfectly.  My daughter is texting, my eldest granddaughter is blurred through movement, her sister looks on to see what she is doing, my nephew is just about to get up to play with the dog (whose tail can can just be seen in the right hand corner of the picture), my sister is trying to take a picture, my other nephew is looking over her shoulder to see what is going on and my husband sits in the middle of all the madness, supping a brew, looking on in bewilderment.