Life Begins at 40

40 and fabulous
I am SO not a believer in cliches.  Not ever.  But over the past couple of weeks I have been thrown a few opportunities and curve balls that have made me think that, yeah, maybe life does begin at 40.

I know who I am.  I know what I want.  I think I know how to get it.  Some of it has landed in my lap.  But I'm at a stage in my life where I have the drive and the support to really go for it and attain great results.  I have a number of visions but I'm not at the wide end of the funnel any more.  I'm heading for the narrow end and managing to filter some of the crap out too.  It's a huge relief.

I don't really talk about my "real life work" on here much but a change in my job role has helped me focus in a different way.  And it's totally positive.  I wanted all this to happen years and years ago but I'm a great believer in things happening for a reason.  I now know the reason why it's taken this long for me to get to this point.  I needed everything else to happen to me first.

But even with all that 'life experience' and stability, I still get totally blown away by my family and friends.

pandora bracelet with charms
Firstly, my whole family got together to organise a present for my birthday and completely surprised me.  My husband bought me a Pandora bracelet (that I've been hankering after for years and have owned copies of... but OHMYGOD YOU CAN SO TELL THE DIFFERENCE), Rachel and the girls bought me two charms, Michael took me to town to buy another (glass) charm and my mother-in-law bought me a couple of charms too.  I was definitely caught off guard by it because when  I saw one of our neighbours in town on Monday (our sons are bezzies), she said to me,

I had to laugh the other day.  Your Michael came over after Kev had given you your birthday present and said, "It must have been a good present.  I've not seen my mum kiss my dad for years!"
More PDA's needed in front of the kids, maybe?  Oh, and Jake bought me Thornton's chocolates.  He's been after buying someone Thornton's chocolates for ages and I'm not sure why.  Much appreciated though. *hides scales*

I've also taken stock of my friendship base.  Now that I'm spending more time on t'internet (inevitable) the friendship balance is much heavier on the 'virtual' side than it is on the 'real' side.  And yes, I do know that they exist and they're not all axe murderers because I've met some of them.  Most of them are nice, a few of them I would trust with my life, but some of them are very special and unique.  And, in my usual narcissistic way, I need to share something with you.  Paula sent this to me, via twitter, on my birthday.  She's a frigging genius in many ways.  She makes me howl on Twitter and on her blog - although she only seems to remember to post something when I give her a boot up the arse.  Maybe I'm her muse?

The epic day, that happens only 
Once a year is here 
When we all raise of glass of wine 
Or vodka or some beer 

 For Nickie's one year older now 
And getting older still 
Our gracious lady's reached the point 
She's now over the hill 

It's been quite a successful year 
For her it is no doubt 
Gaining follows, pins and likes 
And ever increasing Klout 

Her blog has gone from strength to strength 
A viewership amassed 
Most influential with each post 
As always, is Typecast 

She still can make a Friday night 
(With nibbles and some fizz) 
A more enjoyable evening 
With her famous #FridayTwiz 

And as always, we love her most 
When she's a rant on Twitter 
She's still our Queen, (not just because 
The crown will only fit her!) 

And so this year, when life begins 
It's more successfully 
New challenges will reap reward 
And well deservedly 

Happy birthday - wishing you 
Recognition and acclaim 
But simply put, without you 
Twitter wouldn't be the same