This tough Northerner goes all goes all gooey over our capital city.  My little heart swelled whilst I was in London over the weekend.  I'm such a stereotypical tourist-type and I often think that I would love to live in London but know that would take the shine off it.  I really should have planned the Sunday morning better so that I could have gone off and got snap-happy with my camera but I found a spare hour before I had to head to the station anyway.  I took all the shots that you've seen before a million times but to take that time out by myself was a small luxury in my usually busy life.

London, brass band, Cenotaph, Women of World War 2 monument, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, Whitehall, Downing Street,

Here's a few of the pictures that I took.  You can click through to see more on in my album on Facebook and then go and have a look at the one I used for Silent Sunday.  Only me, eh?

Geek Alert!  I've added a few to Panoramio (they should be live in the next 24 hours or so).  I hear you saying now, "What's Panoramio?" and doing another eyeroll at me.  Do you use Google Street View or Google Earth?  You know those 'real' pictures that are overlaid onto the maps?  Yeah... that!  You upload some images that you've taken, zoom into Google maps to place them at a location and the clever web monkeys at Google decide which to use and then do all the lining up and embedding for you.  You then sit back and wallow in the glory of your photos appearing on maps for everyone to see.  Here's an example of one of mine used in London from last year.  Click the link and when the street view loads up, hover your cursor over the tiny thumbnail image in the middle just above the door of the building.  [You can find more of my pictures on Google Maps here]

Ooh, and what do you think of this filter I found in Picasa?  Click on the large image to see the set on Google+ (give them a +1 push whilst you're over there too).  Just something I was trying out.  

London Underground Sign