#AppyBitches : The Introduction

If I asked you how busy you were at the moment what would your answer be?

Me?  I'm swan-like.  You all think that I'm calm and serene but under the surface I'm paddling like mad.

I'm incredibly busy at work at the moment (new job role, brand new project, exciting times), my blogging life is on the up and up (fantastic) and at home the long summer holidays have just started which means trying to keep a 13 year old occupied without it costing the Earth (impossible)!

As you all know, I'm a little bit addicted to my online life and keep tabs on everything via my laptop, my new android tablet or my phone.  I've got apps for everything and I'm always trying to find the shortest and cheapest route from A to B, whether that be connecting with friends, paying the bills or being entertained.

British Gas have approached me and asked if I could take part in their online campaign.  They want to showcase their brand new app that allows you to manage your British Gas account online.  To make this a bit more fun I have been given the very difficult task of setting a friend some daily challenges to show them how they can save time and money with a bit of forward planning.  


My partner-in-crime is Paula Maher.

Her whole family may be pretty tech-savvy but she's just about got to grips with texting.  This was proven in spades today when she sent me a text from her new number saying, "IT'S ME!!"  Cue one very confused face until the next text landed that said, "When I say "me" I mean "Me, Paula"!"  Hhmmm!

Paula's quick wit makes Friday Twiz a whole lot funnier.  She does a mean line in poetry and song and writes a (very underrated) blog called Cad É An Scéal.  She may emit the odd swearword but you won't be shocked because you've probably heard it from me already.

I now own her ass because British Gas are providing her with an iPad to conduct this experiment and to help with the mentoring.  I have also told her that if she dies, that iPad is mine.

Follow Paula and myself on Twitter and you can keep up to date with our discussions about this campaign.  We're going to use the hashtag #appybitches and we're going to have Google Hangouts and all sorts of stuff.  Stay tuned for further details!

Join in!

Help us out here.  What are your favourite apps for wasting saving time on t'internet?  Banking (with a B), shopping, price comparison, social media, games, picture editing and anything else you can think of.  I'm going all Sue Sylvester and dreaming up some challenges for Paula (all embargoed at the moment because I haven't thought of any yet).

Don't forget that you can see our chats by following the hashtag on Twitter and the conversations on my Facebook page.  You can even circle us on G+ if you're that way inclined (just search for us by name).  It'd be great if you took part in some of the challenges too and let us know how you get on.

This is a paid relationship between myself and British Gas.
For more information about sponsored posts and campaigns please see my disclosure policy.