The Inbetweeners, American Style

To the person in America who has bought The Inbetweeners.

Keep your thieving hands off our stuff.

Now fuck off and write your own comedy show.
You're usually pretty good at it.

I honestly can't understand how you can take the script,
keep it almost exactly the same and it be so unfunny.
How does that work?

This version is so shit that you've not even allowed it to be embedded on websites.
(Reader, hit the image to see the trailer.  But be warned.  You cannot unsee things.)

The Inbetweeners, America, remake, cast,

I really hope this is an MTV wind-up and Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out
from behind my settee and shout PUNK'D or Xzibit is going to cheer me up and pimp my ride...