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soundtrack to my lifeThis week's Soundtrack To My Life has been submitted by Neil Henderson.  Yet another Twitter introduction from a mutual online friend after - if my memory serves correctly - similar Strictly Come Dancing tweets from us both were tangoing their way across the interwebs. Neil tweets out the #tomorrowspaperstoday updates most evenings and can be easily distracted.  Here is Hendo's musical life story.


Charles Jolly (Penrose) - The Laughing Policeman

It doesn't matter how awful life is, this ancient 1890's recording of a musical hall artist always makes me grin.  I think it's the innocence of it.
"He never can stop laughing
He says he's never tried
But once he did arrest a man
And laughed until he cried!"
Officialdom is inherently absurd and bad regimes reserve their toughest punishments for those that laugh at them the loudest.  So promote jolly police officers, say I !!

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An odd hymn which wonders if Jesus Christ may have spent time in England.  The lyrics are from a poem by Blake, the uplifting anthm by Hubert Parry.  It is about love of country, of course.  Unfashionable to love England but I, and many others, do.  If I get married, we're singing this.

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Ian Drury - Wake Up And Make Love To Me

Well, it's about having marvellous sex, of course.  What better thing to write a song about?
"You have another sleep love (it's me that needs it the most!)"
I was so sad when Ian died; he was a genius and, sadly, only proper appreciated after he left us.

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Kenny Rogers - Ruby

This is a twisted frustrated love song with a savage end.  Just a reminder that love sits next to hate in our emotional spectrum.  My girlfriend makes me sing it at parties, which gives you a clue as to our relationship.

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Herb Alpert - This Guy's (In Love With You)

Was there ever a finer crafter of a pop song than Burt Bacharach?  This song is all the sexy sixties rolled into three minutes.  I like the simple minded declaration of love and the fact that, try as I might, I don't have the octave range to sing it in the car.

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soundtrack to my life
You can catch up with Neil and his #tomorrowspaperstoday on Twitter - he tweets as @Hendopolis.  He also blogs over at "Hendoman".  

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