One Year In Blog Land = Ten Years in Real Life

You'd think after blogging after all this time that I'd remember important dates such as the "birth" of this blog?  Oh no! Not me.  I missed my blog anniversary.  Again.  For the third year running!

 For those who don't know, this blog was reborn on 27th July 2009 with the post "From Young Mum To Young Grandparent in 17 Years" so, to celebrate, I started a Tumblr account that was long overdue.  I have a feeling that this will be a funnel for all the randomness that I find round and about.  Stuff that's too short for a blog post and too long for Twitter.

baker days, cake, keep calm,
I've celebrated with cake, naturally.  Cake supplied by a company called Baker Days* who wanted to send me cake because I'm a lovely person.  Who can argue with that?

(You don't need to answer that last question)

Anyway, I've noticed over the past year or so that the bloggers I connected with back in the olden days are seen as "Top Bloggers" within our little community.  I'm sure that not one of the original crew will say that they feel like a top blogger in our field but it has made me realise that blogging is like dog years but more intense.  

1 year in blog land = 10 years in real life.  Well, that's how it feels sometimes; fanatical, impassioned and agonising.  It's a good job I love it so much.  Here's to the next 12 months *raises final slice of cake*

More about Baker Days here.  They sent me a "Keep Calm..." lemon drizzle Letterbox cake which came in a tin of its own and with a blank card, balloons and party whistles.  Priced from £14.99, this would be a great present for a special friend or relative who doesn't live close by.