Conversations with my grandchildren - Part 2

My grandchildren are polar opposites.  Amie throws herself through the door, takes her shoes, coat and cardigan off and launches herself at the toys talking nineteen to the dozen.  Megan keeps her coat and boots on (and her backpack when she has one with her), screams at the dog to stop licking her and launches herself onto the settee.


Megan (age 3):  Can I watch Peppa Pig on your laptop, Nana?
Nana:  Yes, let me find it. (open YouTube, search "peppa pig", pick random episode, one happy three year old)
Megan:  Ben and Holly.  Ben and Holly.
Nana: There's no Ben and Holly here.  Only Peppa Pig.
Mummy: She's seen it in the sidebar.  (Mummy puts Ben and Holly on)
Megan and Amie in unison:  "Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of elves and faries..."
Nana:  *bemused face*

Amie (age 4):  Is that the dog's bed?  (points to the dog cage in the kitchen)
Nana: No, it's where Grandad sleeps.  The dog sleeps in bed with me.
Amie:  No he doesn't (giggles).  
Nana:  Yes he does.
Amie:  No he doesn't (giggles again)
Grandad:  It's where Nana sleeps.  *I* sleep upstairs with the dog.
Amie:  Oh.
Nana:  So that's OK then?  Nana sleeps in a cage and the dog sleeps in a bed.
Amie:  Yes.

Mummy:  Megan, tell Nana where you're going in two weeks?
Mummy:  Megan, did you tell Nana what's happening in two weeks?
Mummy: Megan, talk to Nana!

Amie:  Can I mop your floor, Nana? (lifts the mop out of the mop bucket)
Nana (grabbing the mop):  Not today, love. I don't really want three inches of water in my kitchen.  Plus, it's Grandad's job.
Amie:  Grandad's job?
Nana:  Yes, he's quite good at it too so I let him do it.
Grandad:  It's the only thing I'm good at, apparently.

On leaving the house
Amie:  What's this? (opens the cupboard in the porch that houses the gas meter)
Nana:  It's the gas meter and it's also where I lock up naughty children (Nana closes the cupboard)
Megan:  What's this? (opens the cupboard in the porch that houses the gas meter again)
Nana (in a faux-scary voice):  It's the cupboard for naughty children!
Megan:  *refuses to give Nana an extra kiss goodbye*