EE adds HTC One SV LTE to its range

EE has added a brand new handset from HTC to its range of 4G mobile phones. The company now has the HTC One SV LTE available free on 4GEE 24-month plans from £36.00 a month.

So what can potential buyers expect from the new, mid-range handset? Well, its equipped with a pretty decent set of features, including great photo, video, audio and processing capabilities, which should overall make it a pretty attractive addition to the network’s line-up.

The HTC One SV LTE has all the usual bells and whistles of a modern day 4G smartphone; all packed into a rather stylish little shell. You’ll find a five megapixel primary camera with face detection on board that also has an LED flash and auto focus that will give you high quality photos while out and about. In addition, there’s a secondary forward-facing camera that will have you covered should you want to make video calls or mess about with your face using hilarious apps that make you look fat or old – or both.

If you are wondering about how the screen stacks up in a market that seems more concerned with this detail than ever before, the HTC One SV has a pretty large 4.3-inch super LCD2 480 x 800 pixel resolution capacitive touchscreen, which looks great when browsing the web, playing videos or even recording high definition video. This is another feature of the phone of course, with 1080p recording that boasts a frame rate of 30fps and video stabilisation.

If you’re someone more concerned with music on the go though, there are plenty of other things that may appeal here. The most notable of these is probably the inclusion of integrated Beats Audio, which the manufacturer claims should make all songs sound exactly the way they were supposed to when crafted by your favourite artists (or Simon Cowell, depending on your tastes) in the studio. Of course, this is great news for your music collection, but it also means a better video experience from the phone – whether you’re watching a movie or just a YouTube clip.

With superfast 4G services, all web-based activity is lightning-fast on the HTC One SV LTE. However, whether on or offline, the on-board dual-core processor also helps in making everything run as quickly and smoothly as possible – even with multiple applications open. This means gaming, web browsing, reading or watching movies all become as fast as they are seamless.

The smartphone is the latest in a long line up of phones from the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC that have been made available on EE, such as the current HTC One XL.

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