Soundtrack To My Life - Jo

Soundtrack To My LIfe
This week's Soundtrack To My Life is from Jo.  She is a Stay At Home Mum and fully embroiled in family life who started a blog to document family life and to meet like-minded parents.  Let's have a look at the songs that she's chosen to represent her journey through Soundtrack To My Life.


I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston 

This was big just around the same time I was splitting up from my then Fiancé. I had left home to buy a house with him and was very upset, so this song was one of those I'd listen to, like you do, to have a good cry! I remember watching The Bodyguard at the cinema and it coming on. Incidentally I did not continue to always love him! And I kept the house!

Relight My Fire - Take That 

I was a huge Take That fan the first time they were big and still am now! This song was fab and really got the crowd joining in when I saw Take That on tour before they broke up. I remember going to the gig and screaming out Mark's name over and over and coming away without a voice!!

Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars - Bon Jovi 

'You and me, we're invincible together...' Great song, great band, who I've grown to love seeing as everywhere I turn, my husband has left their music on. He must be one of their biggest fans! This song always gets me singing and feeling good. Our 5 year old is now also a fan of the band!

The Way You Look Tonight - Steve Tyrell 

This was our first dance song at our wedding back in June 2007. We chose our wedding music ourselves and both loved this. Our first dance was amazing. I felt like a million dollars dancing in my new husband's arms, in front of our friends and family in my gorgeous wedding dress.

Rule The World - Take That 

This was huge when I was expecting our first child. I remember singing along to the radio, in the car on the way to work, before I went on maternity leave. I would think of our baby inside me whilst listening to the very apt words and feel a real bond and connection with my baby. I'm sure he recognised it after he was born, whenever he heard it.


Soundtrack To My LIfe
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