Soundtrack To My Life - Tara

Soundtrack To My LIfe
The UK's Number One... HUGGER takes centre stage on Soundtrack To My Life today.  Tara is a fellow blogger who I'm lucky to have met on a few occasions and can now call a friend. Having left behind a career in journalism, Tara is now much happier as a work-at-home mum with a passion for photography.  Let's have a listen to which tracks she has chosen for her Soundtrack To My Life.


Stevie Wonder - Pastime Paradise 

I grew up in a very musical family. My dad was a guitarist in a band and when I was 10 I moved in with my step-dad who was a sound engineer for live bands.  He had the coolest collection of music and whenever I would play a new song I heard, he would go to his LP collection, select an album and play some obscure track off it and say "this is where that riff comes from; can you hear it?"  He used to play Stevie Wonder's album Songs in the Key of Life all the time and this really reminds me of him.

Simple Minds - Waterfront

I met my husband while at school at the age of 14. He adored Simple Minds. I remember him having a near meltdown when his mum taped over a recording he'd made of a live concert he watched on TV. Back then there was no internet to search to find it again. He waited and waited for it to be shown again, but alas it was never re-screened!
So this is for him; the music we fell in love to! Get those air drums out!

Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know? 

Back in the mid eighties, when I was preparing to sit my O'Levels, the Top 40 singles chart really mattered. I would make sure I was in for the run down with Tony Blackburn and no one knew who was at the number one slot until they announced it on the show.  The day Duran Duran went straight in at number 1 with this track my friend and I were so excited we telephoned the operator from a phone box to tell her.
And yes, I'm aware that just about everything in that sentence shows you how OLD I AM!

Elton John - Your Song 

When my first child was born in 2002 for some reason this song was being played a lot on the radio. I was 34 when I had Dan. I had waited a long time; mainly because I didn't think I would be a good mum. When I held him in my arms for the first time the title of this song perfectly summed up everything I felt at that moment.  Even now if I hear it, it has the power to reduce me to tears. Dan is now 11 and tuts and rolls his eyes whenever I tell him this story.

Susan Boyle: Wild Horses 

I get actual goose bumps when I hear this song. Actual. Goosebumps.
Someone sent it to me and said 'just close your eyes and listen to the words. Listen to it with the volume cranked right up'. I had no idea who was singing or that it was a cover of a Rolling Stones track.
Simply beautiful. Go and listen to it now if you haven't heard it and tell me I'm wrong.


Soundtrack To My LIfe
You can find Tara blogging at Sticky Fingers where she blogs about her family life and runs a hugely popular weekly photo feature called The Gallery (if you're a regular reader here you'll have seen me join in on occasion). You can also catch her on Twitter as @tara_cain.

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