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Ten Of The Best Adverts From My Past

After a conversation at work last week I totally embarrassed myself with my lack of football knowledge.  I probably dug a deeper hole by by quoting this advert for milk verbatim, complete with dodgy Scouse accent...

But I got home and went on a bit of a YouTube fest, digging deeper and deeper into that sentimental hole. Many of my nostalgic adverts have songs that end up as ear-worms and have embedded themselves into that part of the brain that never ever gets used until one or two bars of a jingle is played when it comes flooding back to the forefront of your head and bursts out of your mouth.  So here is my journey through the adverts of the 80's and there may be one or two from the 70's there as well.

We shall start with the Smiths Crisps advert (to the tune of "Bobby's Girl" - a rewrite of a well-known song always helps with the ear-worm process) and then on to the Shake n Vac because that is still how I vacuum the house to this day... 

This R White's advert is apparently from 1973 but I remember it vividly (not the newer remake which was a direct copy nor the one which starred Frankie Howerd) so it must have been aired for many years.  And please tell me that you walked down the street like Mr Soft when you thought no-one was looking.  It can't have been just me?  Oh, OK then!  

Moving swiftly on... that walk then turned into something a bit cooler when you thought someone might be watching you and I perfected the "I'll be your dawg..." line.  Also, I know smoking is totally uncool these days but Gregor Fisher in the photobooth for the Hamlet advert still makes me laugh out loud!

I often wonder why poor old JR Hartley never had a copy of his own book.  If he wrote it then surely he didn't need any fly fishing instructions?  I was also torn as to which British Telecom advert to use - Busby or the 'Ology' one but Maureen Lipman won the day as I went on to fall in love with her as an actress and an observational writer.

I always wanted to be on this hilltop, singing along to "the Coke song" and practiced my harmonies just in case the casting director was hanging around.  And finally we have to end on the Aquafresh advert because, as a family, we still use Aquafresh and Every. Single. Morning. this song goes through my head whilst I brush my teeth.  I'm so sad...

*nostalgic sigh*  They don't make them like they used to, do they?  What are your favourite adverts from your past?  Go on - leave me some links in the comments so that I can go back and reminisce!