Soundtrack To My Life - Louise

Soundtrack To My LIfe
Today's Soundtrack To My Life comes from Louise.  Our paths crossed online many years ago and we've kept in touch despite never meeting.  Louise is a talented writer and it's through our love of the creative that she introduced me to her dad who also loves writing and music.  And we all know how I love those random connections, don't we?  And on that note (see what I did there?), it's over to Louise...


Paul Simon - Graceland 

Both my parents were big Paul Simon fans and I could have chosen a dozen different songs by him but this one sticks out. Firstly because it's just such a good tune and secondly it always brings back memories of walking the dog along the canal, this album plugged permenantly into my cassette player. No matter how you're feeling, this tune suits it.

Meatloaf - Bad Attitude

In my teens I was all about rock. Especially Meatloaf, you just can't help but love a good power ballad. This is one of his lesser known ones but I loved it, and given what a horrible teenager I was, probably the most appropriate!

Jason Webley - Against The Night 

I play this when I'm feeling emotionally fragile. Sometimes repeatedly. It's a like a talisman against the world. It feels like a personal message, as if a friend is holding out a hand for you to hold.

Hedwig And The Angry Inch Soundtrack - Midnight Radio 

 I love this film, and I love this song. It's a love song, but it's also about acceptance. Be who you are, know that you're whole. "All the strange rock n' rollers, you know you're doin' alright". It's powerful, good to play when you need a bit of strength.

Sterephonics - Dakota 

This was my anthem last summer. I played it over and over and the stupid thing is, I'd barely registered it before I heard it being covered in a local pub by an amazing female rocker! It speaks of lazy days in the sun, of days gone past, of good days yet to come. Lost loves, future plans. It all seemed to resonate. Plus, it's a really really good tune for belting out in your kitchen...


Soundtrack To My LIfe
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