Bullet Journalling : The Geeky Way To Clear Your To-Do List

bullet journal, filofax, tablet, lists
As we all know I am a lover of lists and a fan of my Filofax.  If it's not written down, it's not happening. Then I stumbled upon the 'bullet journal' idea in a Facebook group and started thinking about how I could incorporate this into my Filofax life. In the meantime, I was gifted a moleskine notebook for my birthday which was the perfect time to start testing the bullet journal theory.

Empowered (!?) by the productiveness of this I shared the idea with a number of Facebook friends who also love to keep handwriting alive in the digital age.  I appear to have started a bit of an obsession with some of them (making no apologies to you Sian, Catherine, Elaine and Kirsty) by encouraging them to do the following: 

  • Watch the bullet journal video
  • Buy a new notebook/binder/Filofax/Filofax pages
  • Buy a new pen
  • Buy all of the washi tape
  • Watch the bullet journal video again
  • Start making lists

I'm using my bullet journal slightly differently to the recommended way because I'm taking notes at the back for an online course I'm taking and I write lots of notes in general (probably why I have a stuffed 'notes' section in my Filofax).  However, I do like having somewhere that I can go and just scribble words or create mind maps or just take notes during a meeting or professional conversation and go back to them at any time. 

You in?  If not, how do you keep organised and on top of your to-do list? 

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