Soundtrack To My Life - Rachael Lucas

Soundtrack To My Life
I thought I'd have a quick look through my twitter history to see when myself and Rachael first stated chatting and found out it was in January 2010. Four whole years ago - but that makes sense because we probably connected via a writing forum and then through blogging.

So much has happened in those four years too (If anyone is interested I have some rather 'interesting' pictures of her from an adult-themed party we both attended.  I'm just waiting for the right offer to land on my desk). I've followed Rachael's journey - both personal and writing - and I'm really proud of what she's achieving. She self-published her first novel in 2013 and scored herself a publishing deal for actual real books (details further down the page).  I can't wait to see how her own story unfolds but in the meantime here's the music she chose to represent her Soundtrack To My Life...


Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 

It reminds me of my dad, and of being five years old, and playing in the garden in the Highlands of Scotland. I hear it and close my eyes and I'm back there, laughing as he dances round the kitchen like a madman, singing and dancing. I'm lucky that my parents were such music lovers.

Taylor Swift - You Belong with Me 

Because it reminds me of a time when I was in the midst of getting divorced, and things were fraught, and tiring, but even at the worst moments I could jump in the car with the children, and my eldest daughter in the front seat of the car, and we'd sing along to Taylor Swift at the top of our voices and everything would be better.

Elvis Costello - I Want You 

It's a song that has stayed with me since the very first time I heard it on the John Peel show on Radio 1. I was probably about fifteen and if I close my eyes I'm standing there in our sitting room, astounded. I could add so many other Elvis Costello songs - but I could do a million and one of these soundtracks, too. Music has informed every moment of my life, and songs are so evocative.

Squeeze - Up The Junction 

When I was just finished university and living in Edinburgh, friends of mine had a band and they used to cover this all the time. It reminds me of sitting on a rickety stool in a crowded pub, a huge flat in the New Town of Edinburgh, of tequila and going to every Fringe show we could, of working to live, and having the whole world in front of us.

Suede - Animal Nitrate

(I seem to have gone super-retro on all mine, but they're the ones that have just popped into my head - probably because of the book I'm thinking about writing next...)

Student flats in Portrush, Northern Ireland. Nights locked in the pub long after closing time developing a taste for Guinness. Staggering down the road to the chip shop for garlic chips - chips with garlic mayo, might be a Northern Irish delicacy but it's one you must try. The howling wind off the Atlantic and walking off our hangovers by the beach. Spending time talking about the future with my best friend Ciaran. Doc Martens and flowery leggings. Long coats and woolly jumpers. Working in a strawberry farm all summer, living in a caravan with no electricity, eating more strawberries than we picked. I close my eyes and it's all there.


Soundtrack To My Life
Hop on over to Amazon and buy Rachael's book, Sealed With A Kiss (I've read it - it's fab!). Rachael's website is here but you can also find out more about the SWAK sequel and new publications on her Facebook page or you can follow her on Twitter as @karamina where she's usually procrastinating having a little break from writing. 

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