In the interest of equality...

Last night, on the first live semi-final of Britain's Got Talent, we saw Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon literally drool and fawn over a couple of the contestants.  We were also 'treated' to Alesha pour a glass of water over David Walliams' head after a sly comment was made about live singing versus miming.  I understand that more water was poured/thrown over David during the ITV2 aftershow (and Amanda got in on the act) but I wasn't watching that.

All in the name of entertainment.
On a family show.
On one of the main television channels in the UK.

Can we just flip this for a moment?  

How do we think that the media and the audience would currently be reacting if Simon Cowell or David had asked the female contestants if they could remove their top to help them make a decision about the quality of their act.  In the same respect, how would we be reacting if Simon or David had thrown water over Amanda or Alesha because of a jokey exchange?

Why is it suddenly OK for the female judges to have this type of 'power'? Isn't it verging on degrading or violence or abuse? What are your thoughts?

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