Interesting Online Activities

Interesting Online Activities
I’m always looking for new activities to keep me occupied, especially now that I have the evenings to myself. There’s nothing wrong with following your favourite series on the TV or getting hooked on the latest boxset on Netflix however I try not to sit and watch television all night and I’m also trying to use my laptop time more effectively. In the new year I’m planning on picking up my Open University degree again but I found these three online activities which I’ll be trying out in 2016.


Online shopping is always a winner. You can find some great deals online - especially on Amazon or Ebay and with walmart ca coupons, you don’t have to battle against the post-Christmas sale crowds in the town centre and all your goodies get delivered straight to your door!. Apparently around 50% of people shop online so the theory that retail therapy is good for you must be true!

Online Gaming

Online gaming for real money is hugely popular at the moment. As long as you follow the responsible gaming guidelines and set limits on your spending then there’s lots of fun to be had, especially on sites like which has a variety of games to play and a chance to win some cash for the new year! I also like playing a few games of bingo online as a change from playing at the local bingo hall

Learning A New Language

How about starting off 2016 with a bit of self-improvement? Have you got a holiday planned or have a business trip to attend? Why not set yourself the challenge of learning a new language and impressing the locals! There’s plenty of choice over on the BBC Languages website. It’s not being updated any more but all the information is still available. I fancy learning Spanish properly for when we head off later in the summer.

Do you have any other suggestions for me to fill my time? I also like doing online jigsaws (no little pieces to lose and I don’t use up all the space on the dining table) and browsing weird and wonderful pages I find using StumbleUpon. I’m also teaching myself origami so that I have an unusual activity to do with the grandchildren when they visit. What else would you add to keep me out of mischief?