Soundtrack To My Life : Where Are Tomorrow's Legends?

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Image Credit : Rolling Stone
Today I was going to publish another edition of Soundtrack To My Life but that was put on hold as soon as I woke up and I saw that all my social media timelines were full of the news that David Bowie had died.

I don't normally get upset when I read of a 'celebrity' death (but I do usually check the Deadpool forum to see if anyone has scored points *waves to the people judging me right now*). Of course I lament a little as it's sad when someone's life comes to an end, however life goes on in so many more ways.

Musicians leave a legacy. Music, to some extent, is timeless. Yes, certain styles of music will fit into a certain era, but that doesn't create a reason for it not to be heard. And, just as I say to potential contributors to Soundtrack To My Life, music will transport you back to a time or a place in your life even by just hearing a the opening bars or a line from the middle of a verse.

Or it used to...

Louise was one of many to update her Facebook status today, commenting on the premature passing of David Bowie but she added a comment that made me stop and think. She asked, "Does anyone else think that we're losing all our legends, and their shoes are not being filled?"

She is so right. The music of today is digital and very disposable. New(er) artists will be paraded in front of us as 'exciting' or 'a new sound' or because they 'look the part' but where is their longevity? I'm guilty of watching - and enjoying - programmes such as X-Factor and The Voice however I can't see myself feeling like a small part of musical history will have been lost when any of the recent participants shuffle off this mortal coil. There are very few people writing and performing music which has meaning or has been written because of a personal experience and even less with a distinguishable voice when they start singing... or at least it feels like that. I also can't see the likes of Bowie et al fairing well in a 'talent show' competition these days.

Why don't you share some of your modern-day legends with me? Who do you think has got the staying power to still be celebrated in 30+ years or even for our grandchildren to know their music when played on the radio (or whatever the futuristic equivalent will be)?

Maybe there's too much choice out there or it's easier to be seen and heard because of the way in which our media allows this to happen. Does our fast-paced world demand that we need to be given more choice and less time to appreciate it?

And just because it marries two amazing artists, and because I recently mentioned in a Listography post that it was one of the first records ever gifted to me, I will share just one song with you today. It's Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie - but it is the a-capella / no music version. Just purity at its best. Enjoy!