Soundtrack To My Life - Karen

Karen is a rare blogger breed - she's a fellow Northerner who writes about family time, days out and general adventures. She is also admin on a great Facebook group for bloggers in the North of England. Here's Karen's Soundtrack To My Life with the story behind each tune.


Jimmy Sommerville: Read My Lips

This song reminds me of my lovely mum. I remember sitting in the lounge, aged 8 or 9, listening to my mums records and tapes. This was always one of my favourite and I loved singing along. I think she has pretty good taste in music, my mum!

The Carpenters: Top Of The World

My parents split up when I was very young and my dad lived quite far away, so The Carpenters remind me of those long car journeys to and from his house. Top of The World remains one of my favourite sing-a-long songs to this day.

Bon Jovi: Bad Medicine

Through those angsty teenage years I developed a deep love for Bon Jovi's music. Bad Medicine from the New Jersey album was, and will always be, a song that provides an instant lift from a bad mood!

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters

Getting heavier song by song here aren't I?! Although this is a song from a heavy metal band, it is actually a ballad. Metallica are one of my husband's favourite bands and it was the song we had the first dance to at our wedding almost six years ago.

Metallica: Wish Monkey (More commonly known as One)

I know, two songs by the same artist is a bit naff! I couldn't leave this out though because it's for my boys. Our love of rock music has definitely rubbed off on our children (let's face it, it was never going to be any other way) and One is definitely a contender for their favourite song. There's a line in the song that says 'Hold my breath as I wish for death' which I thought was a bit morbid for a three year old to be singing, but fortunately my eldest misheard it anyway and has always sung the line as 'Hold my breath as I wish monkey'. It'll do for me!


Soundtrack To My Life
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