Slots Of Fun... then and now

I was brought up in a Victorian seaside town. We had a traditional ‘square’ where all the shops were housed (including one that was very much like the department store in the British sitcom, Are You Being Served), a boating lake, beach huts and a pier.

It was a great treat to visit the pier as we knew that we were going to have a walk along the rickety wooden slats, with the wind whipping at our hair and our face, we would probably have an ice cream and a ride on the dodgems and then be given a bag of 1p and 2p pieces to play on the slot machines - you know the ones… the push and shove game-of-chance ones where you ended up putting in all your money - even your winnings! But the thrill of watching that precariously balanced pile of coins, just waiting to topple off the edge and into your winning tray was worth it.

Even after growing up and moving away from the seaside town, I took my children - and now even my grandchildren - to the same pier and watch the excitement in their eyes as they try to win a new pile of coins in exactly the same way I did and even on exactly the same machines!

Today, I can replicate that excitement without even leaving the house. There are lots of slots games to play online and it’s safe to say that the concept of gambling online is an idea that has taken hold.

Everyone has their favourite game on their mobile. It’s a great way to kill time when you’re waiting for an appointment or to meet a friend, or you’re just at a bit of a loose end wherever you may be. And now, of course, it’s not just about getting to the next level on Candy Crush; you can also play for cash whenever you feel like it.

There are lots of different casino games and slots that you can play online. I like finding gaming websites that allow you to play for free (in demo mode) to give you a feel for the game, understand the rules and decide which game suits you best. At sites like you can start playing in just a couple of clicks. There is also a choice of mobile games which include some of the site’s most popular slots like a Game of Thrones themed game.

Playing games on your laptop or mobile is now as accepted as everything else we do almost everything online – from catching up with friends to paying the bills. There’s nowhere more convenient to play games as you can login to play wherever you are at any time that takes your fancy.