How to Prepare for a Smooth Flight

One of the great aspects of living in England is the proximity to other European Countries and cultures. Whether it’s a weekend away to a lively beach resort or a week long holiday to explore an entirely different culture and maybe brush up on second language skills, the short distance and affordability of international travel from England make it all possible. As an experienced traveller, I decided to highlight some of my top tips that I have learned to help make your next travel experience a pleasant one.

Don't Be Late!

If you are late to the Bus, you scream at the top of your (internal) voice and then wait for the next one. When you arrive late to work, you simply give your Boss an excuse and then sit down to start your daily tasks. Do you know what happens if you are late for your flight? “Sorry Ma’am, your flight has already boarded, and you will have to buy another ticket.” If your airline of choice has advised you to arrive three hours before your scheduled departure, don’t take it as a guideline, take is as gospel.

Don't Count on Entertainment

Technology has made flying a much more comfortable experience. However, it isn’t infallible. I can’t count the times that my headrest screen didn’t work, or I was stuck with a broken headphone plug, or my mobile phone ran out of battery just as I boarded the flight and I have spent five hours listening to the person next to me tell me about their entire life. If you aren’t sure what to buy, the Groupon discount codes page for Debenhams has some great options for games and puzzles. Something as simple as a small travel game can either be a distraction for your mind or a way to prevent passenger chatter.

Pack Smart

Given the comparatively short distances of internal flights from England, many travellers can forget that it is, in fact, international travel. And international travel means one thing, intense airport security checks. When you are packing your carry-on luggage, think twice about what you put in it. If you think it *may* raise a question, put it in your checked luggage. If you have something that you simply must take with you but are concerned about, speak with airport security in advance to confirm it won’t cause any problems.

International travel is exciting, however, not thinking it through can put a negative vibe on the experience before you lift-off. Along with my experiences, use your common sense and you’ll be at your destination comfortably in no time.