What's In My Travel Bag

Exciting times as I'm off on my holidays soon and one thing I pride myself on is packing a good travel bag. 

What's In My Travel Bag - inc. Mia Tui, Lumsing, 1byone

This year's travel bag is the Mia Tui Emma in Tan. It's such a fabulous size (it is cabin size compliant) and a gorgeous tan shade which, I think, is a timeless and classic colour (it also matches my shoes and is the colour I hope to be on my return...).  I have talked previously about how much I love the concept of the Mia Tui bags, especially the coordinating accessories that are included.  So let's see what I'm going to put in it.

First in (and out) of the bag is my Filofax Flex.  I was never too enamoured with this as a notebook system however it makes the perfect travel document case. In here we keep our passports, all our travel documents, the airport parking information, our travel insurance and our EHIC (Eurpean Health Insurance Cards).  I always keep a pocket notebook in here too with emergency contact details jotted down and a pen.

Next is my tablet which I have loaded up with music and podcasts to keep me entertained whilst travelling.  Our flight this year is under three hours but you never know if there is going to be a delay, do you?  And, of course, I have my headphones too.  The ones I'm taking this ear are bluetooth headphones from 1byone on Amazon and take up next to no room at all.

I also take my Kindle with me. I know I could use the Kindle app on the tablet but I prefer the compactness of the Kindle - it's something I've got used to over the years.  You'll notice that I'm still using a 4th Gen Kindle - it works perfectly and is usually to hand wherever I am anyway.  If you've got a book to recommend to me before I go, let me know!

I'm not keen on taking a coat onto the airport - I sometimes carry a lightweight jacket - but a scarf/pashmina style wrap is always a great addition to my hand luggage. I can use it to cover up to keep warm or as a neck cushion on the plane. 

Because of all the gadgets, I've obviously got to carry a few chargers with me.  I champion Lumsing because they make great products so from their Cube series we are taking a 2-port wall-charger which is super-lightweight. I've also got my trusty Lumsing powerbank with me to give the mobile phone a bit of a boost if I've been using it in the flight lounge.

This year I was torn about taking my big camera with me as the majority of my photographs are taken on my mobile phone but, at the end of the day, there are some shots that just need a better camera - and I've packed my tripod so I might be able to get some time-lapse shots too.  #channellingCaseyNeistat

We are going somewhere with a fair bit of sun so sunglasses are a must for when I get off the plane and I tend to have a little bag of personal essentials which include everything to freshen up. Go-to items are my Tangle Tease hairbrush, a small amount of make-up, some deodorant, lip balm and anti-bacterial handwash (or wet wipes). My toothbrush and some toothpaste is always in this section of the bag too. The last thing that I've got in there is a spare pair of glasses and some contact lens solution.

Finally, I have my purse (which I trim down to take just the essentials like my driving licence, identification, bank/credit card and some local currency), my keys, my mobile phone and a pack of mints!

Have a look at everything in my video too. Am I missing anything? What are your travel essentials - let me know in the comments.