Three Reasons Why Writing Matters

For National Stationery Week, I was asked why I believe writing matters so I picked these three reasons.


Handwriting fascinates me. We all have a hand and a writing implement and have been taught how to form letters and numbers however, the way in which we connect our hand to our pen and make the swirls and shapes on the paper creates a style of handwriting that is as individual as our DNA. My handwriting is part of me... part of my personality and it's probably the reason that I enjoy analogue note-taking rather than using a digital method. I also find that writing something down makes it feel more permanent and helps me to remember it.  I don't have the neatest handwriting in the world but it's legible and I would love to learn calligraphy one day.


As I just touched on, I'm very much an analogue note-taker and fill notebook after notebook of rambling thoughts and jottings. At work I have lists of contacts and I always make a little note next to their name so that I can make the next phone call a little bit more personalised and make them feel important.  Of course, I use my bullet journal every day (love, love, love list making) and I always have a notebook to hand to scribble ideas into. I don't feel that we make as many personal notes on our digital gadgets - just reminders that ping throughout the day, telling us that we've got something else to do.

Writing Implements

I don't really have a favourite pen - although my J Herbin rollerball comes close to owning that title - so I use fineliners, biros, eraseable pens, fountain pens, pencils, highlighters... all sorts of ways to get those thoughts, ideas and lists into my planning system by using my own handwriting.

National Stationery Week runs from 25th April - 1st May 2016. You can find out more about why writing matters by visiting the National Stationery Week website and you can have a read of this great A-Z of why writing matters too!

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