10 Things Everyone Loves About Winter

Just because temperatures are dropping and the nights are drawing in doesn’t mean we have to feel low. This is the most wonderful time of the year, after all. From open fires to woolly jumpers, winter coats to spicy hot drinks with a little kick, there’s plenty to love about winter. Here’s just 10 of the best.

10 Things Everyone Loves About Winter

Turning on the heating

I’ve talked previously about how to keep your hand off the heating in the autumn, but once winter rolls around there’s no need for that self-control. Come late November, it’s genuinely cold and time to get those radiators nice and toasty.

Buying a new winter coat

If we’re going to face the bitter cold this winter, we might as well do it with style. A new coat might seem like a luxury, but we have to treat ourselves when the mercury drops and there are countless options for affordable women’s winter coats these days. The Tu winter coat selection is making me think it might be time to ‘misplace’ last year’s coat in the attic anyway.

Cosy evenings

As the nights draw in and the house warms up, the urge to cuddle up on the sofa is too powerful to ignore. It’s the perfect time to delight in a little crafting time, or get cracking on a Christmas movie marathon with the family.

Comfort foods

Roast dinners with heaps of gravy and cranberry sauce taste incredible at any time of year, but there’s something about eating these comfort food staples in the winter that makes them especially mouth-watering. Whether it’s the warmth or the winter spices, I’m not sure – but whatever it is, it’s working.

Woolly everything

Mittens, hats, scarves and jumpers – I’ll take all things woolly this winter. Anything we can get our hands on to keep our fingers and toes warm as the frost comes out to bite. Woolly accessories also make snow days with the grandchildren that much merrier. In fact, the woollier the better!

10 Things Everyone Loves About Winter


Speaking of snow, just because we don’t get much of it in England doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it when it does arrive. Even just a few flakes dusting the streets is enough to make us giddy. If there’s enough for a snowball fight or even the most modest snowman, all the better.

Open fires

The crackle of an open fire is like a soundtrack to winter. Nothing sums up the cold months better, or makes going coming in from the outside chill just that much more comforting. If you don’t have the luxury of a working fireplace or a log-burner, there days you can turn your TV into one. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Christmas markets

Christmas markets are like holiday havens, with gifts, carol singers and hot drinks all wrapped into one. British Christmas markets might not have the same reputation as their European counterparts, but Bath and Edinburgh put on an especially magical show.

10 Things Everyone Loves About Winter

Hot drinks

Just like comfort food, hot drinks are of course available year-round, but a mug of hot chocolate works particular wonders in the winter. We all love warm and sweet things around Christmas, especially with peppermint, spices and a little alcohol to keep things interesting.

Winter morning light

There’s something about the morning light in winter that’s so unbelievably beautiful. Paired with crisp, chilly air, it even has its own scent. It makes getting out of bed and going on a morning run just that much more bearable.

There’s no doubting it – winter is on its way. What’s your favourite part about the cold season?

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