Hiding Those Holiday Presents Away From Prying Eyes

So, we’re finally amidst the festive season! This can mean a whole lot of different things for different people. Perhaps it means overtime at work. Maybe it means catching up more with your family, friends, and other loved ones. But for many of us, it entails something altogether exciting and secretive: present shopping! There’s such a thrill when it comes to seeking out the perfect gifts for those we hold dearest. But considering the majority of us don’t hand over our neatly packed treasures until the 25th, this can mean we end up with piles of gifts lying about in plain sight. So, to avoid having your space clogged up with boxes and wrap, and removing the surprises from the prying eyes of adults and little ones alike, here are a few ideas on how to hide them away!

Self Storage

Perhaps the best, easiest, most convenient, and most reliable technique of hiding gifts away is self storage. Any parent will know that most kids will really be on the hunt for what might be lying in wait for them. Plus, they’re generally not at school during the holiday season, which means more time for them to start rustling through every nook and cranny in your home. Self-storage gives you a convenient way to keep your gifts safe under lock and key but away from your immediate home. Choose something local, so you don’t have to traipse too far back and forth while dropping off new gifts to the collection. Smaller spaces are available: you don’t necessarily need to hire out a warehouse. Then you can head on over on Christmas Eve and pick everything up ready to be tucked beneath the tree. You’ll really play the part of Santa himself with your own delivery service!

PO Box

Many of us do online shopping. This means that packages can be delivered directly to our home address which is extremely convenient at most times of the year. However, you might not be home at all times which can mean missing parcels that are too large to get through the letterbox or have signed delivery. Potentially worse, the recipient of the gift inside the parcel could be home and collect it. Most brands now mark their packaging distinctively nowadays, so this could give up the surprise! A good fix to this is to open yourself a PO box for a short period of time. You can have your parcels delivered here and then pick them all up in one fell swoop without the game being given away. This will cost you a little, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re living with people who are going to be given the gifts you are having delivered. It also prevents missed parcels from being returned to the sender and you having to cough up extra delivery or parcels re-arriving after the 25th.

Use Your Attic

Usually the attic is filled with, well, mainly, decorations. Sure there may be a few other bits and bobs up there. But once you’ve got the tree, ornaments, decorations, festive kitchenware and the rest of your holiday miscellania out, chances are that there’s a whole lot of free space up there. So make use of it! Make life as simple and safe as possible for yourself by installing a permanent ladder going up into your loft. Specialist designs can easily be pulled down and put back up after use. This prevents you having to strain yourself pulling yourself up and down, or having to call the help of a particularly tall person to pop things in and out. It also means you can arrange gifts properly, rather than flinging them in and hoping for the best. This, of course, could potentially result in damage to the gifts or a tarnishing of their wrapping. What’s perhaps best? If you’ve wrapped up chocolates, the attic space is generally pretty chilly, which means they will be kept in good condition. Too many times, people have left a wrapped box of chocolates a little too close to the radiator, only for them to melt and this is left undiscovered until they are opened. Just remember that any foodstuffs that require refrigeration should be left just there: the refrigerator.

These are just three options that you have at hand. You may be a whizz at hiding boxes and toys in your own home, but for the majority of us, keeping things outside of the main body of the house is perhaps the easiest and most reliable way to go.