Going on Holiday When You Next Move House Could Save You a Lot of Hassle

Booking a holiday abroad has been a mainstream activity for friends, couples and families alike in the UK for decades, both in the summer months as well as during wintertime. Venturing away to an exciting retreat has its own set of benefits during the winter, with activities for all the family depending on where you stay. 

Going on Holiday When You Next Move House Could Save You a Lot of Hassle

More recently however, a trend is starting in London whereby those wishing to move home vacation during the transfer process, allowing a moving service to handle everything while you relax abroad. This way, you can enjoy a stress-free experience and return from your holiday to a new house with your furniture in place and wine in the fridge. 

Going on Holiday When You Next Move House Could Save You a Lot of HassleThis is becoming increasingly popular in the heart of the capital, but if you’re interested in taking this route, the best handyman in London are Handy Squad’s veteran team of professionals – they provide everything from electrical, plumbing and decorating to moving services and carpentry. 

If you’d like to join an ever-expanding community of satisfied customers, check out their Facebook group – Moving to a new property is a stressful enough time without the trouble of shifting, placing and unpacking everything in your new home while you wait for the basic amenities to return. That’s why Handy Squad ensures everything is finished and ready for you before you return.

As stated on the Evening Standard, Handy Squad operates from their signature yellow vans and scooters, allowing them to zip around London and reach clients quickly. Whether you need a simple man-and-van service, or something more comprehensive, let someone else do the heavy lifting while you work on your tan or tackle the ski slopes. If you want to know more about the services they offer, Handy Squad can be found at www.handysquad.com

Going on Holiday When You Next Move House Could Save You a Lot of Hassle

This article was written by David Newman, owner of Ad Lab, an eCommerce digital marketing agency. David enjoys keeping in shape, sipping large amounts of tea and spoiling his family.


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