Dyer, Zoo, I Despair...

I was conducting a bit of follow-up research for an article that I'd had published on Mumable and found this statement on the Zoo Magazine Twitter account yesterday...

Today, all becomes clear.  It seems that British film star "Celebrity Agony Uncle" Danny Dyer has advised that a jilted and heartbroken ex-boyfriend should "... cut your ex's face, and then no-one will want her..."

Yes, "he" advised that!  See...

Now, maybe someone from a production, editing or journalistic background can verify this, but surely that article (whether written actually by Dyer or not, or some back-room boy emulating one of his film characters) has had to be approved by a number of people before the magazine actually went to the printers?  These articles do not magically appear in the correct font, in the correct place, with the correct amount of words in any publication, do they?  Writer, proof-reader, sub-editor, features editor, typesetter, whatever... all the way up to the final printed issue.  And no-one has had the foresight to question this? Tell me, what DO editors get paid for these days?

Zoo Editor, Tom Etherington apologises unreservedly and says "
Zoo and Danny Dyer condemn any violence against women.  A donation will be made to Women's Aid." (Source: Guardian Newspaper 06.04.10) and has launched an internal enquiry.  Erm... Mr Etherington,  how the FUCK did that pass you by in the first place?  Why were you not doing your job?  Too little to late, in my opinion. And Dyer - you want your name associated with this?  You bloody FOOL!  Did you write it or not?  You may be an actor but this ain't no film, buddy - this is real life!!

  • 1 woman in 4 experiences domestic violence at some point in her life
  • 2 women are killed every week by a current or former partner
  • 1 in 8 young men believe it is OK to hit their girlfriend if she is nagging

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