Evasive, subtle movements mean that I can
Sidestep the paranoia which faces me and, when I
Circumvent the emotions that manifest whilst
Avoiding that situation, it seems that I can
Pass off my insecurity as
Elusiveness... as always.

I have written this for the Writing Workshop that is  run by Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak.  This week was Workshop #25 and I have written my own take on prompt #5 - a simple word prompt: "ESCAPE".  I've tried to be clever here and written a poem (of sorts).  Each line of the poem starts with each letter of the word "ESCAPE" (an acrostic) and the first word in each line of the poem means "ESCAPE".  Maybe I've tried to be too clever and it doesn't work?  Please feedback in the comments section.
You can find all the other Workshop posts >>> here <<<


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