More gifts just for me - Secret Post Club #4

The package was waiting for me when I got up this morning.  The postcard inside read:

Hi Nickie, Hope you enjoy the random assortment of little things.  From Charlotte.

*squeals* damn right I do, Charlotte!!

Chocolate - score 1
Notebook - score 2
The "russian doll" is wooden, is actually attached to a tiny peg and will make a great bookmark - score 3
The flower has been crocheted by Charlotte herself and is now brightening up my black coat - score 4
A lovely postcard to add to the collection on my pin board - score 5

Thank you so much, Charlotte.  I'm not sure the chocolate will last past this evening but the rest of the goodies will.

To my readers - may I suggest you nip over to Charlotte's blog - Ways Of Looking At The World - which is a project 365 photography blog where you try to take a photograph every single day.  There are some really interesting pictures over there.

For those of you who would like to know more about the Secret Post Club then here are a couple of links for you:


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