When I am not here...

... then I am probably over at Mumable.

I am one of the authors of the new parenting website, Mumable.  This website is brand new and is currently building up content from a group of writers who are both dedicated to parenting and who have experience in blogging.

As the Mumable site is just finding its feet there are plenty of ways in which you can become involved.  You can apply to be an author, you can comment on the articles that are regularly published on all aspects of parenting, you can sign up for the newsletter and subscribe to updates via a multitude of social networking links.

I have written articles for Mumable about my journey from a young parent to young grandparent, our family's experience with ADHD, my worries about the marketing of adult magazines, the cost of clothing and social networking for children.

There are an abundance of other subjects covered; celebrity interviews, health, learning and development, nutrition and recipes, parenting and relationships, pregnancy and birth and there are plans to bring you podcasts and a forum in the very near future.

Come and over to Mumable and join in.