Just Having A Rant

How DARE you try and belittle me in front of everyone in the seminar.  How DARE you question my work ethos and integrity.  In fact, you embarrassed yourself more than you embarrassed me because a number of people came up to me afterwards to tell me to take no notice of you; that you were talking bollocks.  Even our guest speaker went one step further and complimented me on my professional exterior when it was blatantly obvious that I was fuming on the inside.  Our General Manager publicly thanked the team for their hard work over the last year you were the only one who didn't acknowledge ANY of us.  Let me tell you, you're the most high maintenance client I have and I have always dealt with your queries with speed and professionalism.  I dislike you so much right now!!  Here are a few pointers for you:

  1. When the initial email comes out asking if you have any specific dietary requirements for the lunch and you don't mention anything in your response, don't come moaning to me on the day saying that you thought I knew about your wheat allergy.
  2. When you phone up at 5.30pm (after the office has closed) and have received an answer by email (as requested) by 8.41am the next day (11 minutes after I walk into the office), I consider that to be a speedy response, not, as you put it, "never receiving a reply to your phone call".
  3. You didn't get the chance to discuss that item of work because you swept out of the seminar, refusing to make eye contact with me.  I'm not about to chase after you down the car park, waving a sheaf of paperwork.  Life is not like in the films.
  4. It helps if you let us know your new phone number when you change it.  Not three months later.
... and breathe