Anyone for Tennies?

Ok, I wasn't around at New Year as I was out getting hammered celebrating the birth of a new decade so I missed all the discussions about what the next ten years were going to be called.  I've also been ill and had my brain substituted for cotton wool so any previous discussions that I may or may not have had have disappeared into the ether.  Now I have returned to work - on the two days of the week when there is no-one else in the office to cough/sneeze/breathe on, I might add - and I have started to write "2011" and talk about the next few years for real.

We've had the Eighties ('80s), the Nineties ('90s) and the Noughties ('00 + a roll of the eyes) so what now?

When I questioned my social media network suggestions included titles such as the Tenties, the Teenies, the Onesies (which sounds like a keepy-uppy game), Tens, Elevens-is (I have elevenses almost every day...) and The Decade That Has No Name (because we're all GOING TO DIE?? - my conspiracy theory).

Two of my favourite suggestions were from Justine - who thought that to pay homage to the politicians they should be called the Numpties - and Becki - who thought they should be the Tweens as it works for kids of the same age.

I did wonder if there was anyone using Twitter or Facebook who had been around between 1910 and 1919 to put us all straight (RIP Ivy Bean...) but my real life soldier was right on the case with "It was the Nineteen-Tens wasn't it?" which shut me right up and made me question whether we actually over-complicate and over-think things these days.

So my favourite answer had to be "the Tennies" which just makes me giggle.  So that's what I'm calling it.

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