Looking Back Over My Shoulder

When I'm scouring the gossip pages online magazines or newspapers for my latest fix I am treated to many a shot of attention seekers the celebrity-of-the-moment looking like something from Death Becomes Her.

Holly, Janet, Rihanna

Where did this trend for the chin-on-shoulder look come from?  Is it supposed to look as though the zleb in question has been caught unawares?  Fair enough - but that doesn't exactly work if they are facing the sponsor board in the press area, pre-event, does it?  Yes, Paris... walk on my love... *bump* oops, never mind, chuck.

no, of course I
didn't crop Julie & Neil
& Mick out of this photo
but I did 'drop a hip'
Or is it supposed to make them look slim?  For a 'slimming' look, my friend, Laura swears by the "drop a hip" method.  Slightly angle yourself to the camera and literally drop the hip closest to the camera to elongate the body.  Now, this takes practise because if you drop the hip that is furthest away from the camera you start to resemble a squashed-up, deflated beach ball.  I actually prefer the crossed-ankles method to slim the legs but as one of my legs is the width of two normal legs at the moment I tend only to be photographed from the waist upwards hopefully with the exclusion of my Russian shot-putter arms or with a jacket on at least.

Anyway, my point is that the 'head on backwards' look isn't really a good one, is it?  Neither is standing like a hunchback or adopting the broken doll pose (as myself and Laura proved once).  When I have my picture taken I try to be a bit more natural and not look like I'm having a seizure.  Unless I'm drunk!