Cybermummy Sponsorship Required


June 25th 2011 is an important date in the parent blogging world.  It is the date of the Cybermummy 2011 Conference - the UK's premier blogging conference devoted to parent bloggers - and is to be held at The Brewery, London.  I would love to attend the Cybermummy 2011 conference to represent the Typecast blog, therefore I am looking for a sponsor.

I am looking for a sponsor who can provide the following:
  • Cybermummy 2011 ticket - £100
  • Travel Expenses - approx £100-£120
  • Accommodation Expenses - approx £120
TOTAL: approximately £340

In return the sponsor will benefit from:
  • A button advert in the sidebar or a banner advert at the end of each post until one month after the Cybermummy Conference
  • A button advert on the Typecast monthly newsletter
  • A sponsor feature with a permalink in the sidebar of the Typecast blog until one month after the Cybermummy Conference
  • A text link in all related Cybermummy posts in 2011
  • Discreet advertising and product distribution at the Cybermummy event
  • Sponsorship related tweets on Twitter inclusive of agreed hashtag
  • Sponsorship related mentions on Facebook

Typecast is not your average parenting blog.  I blog about a wide range of subjects and I also write regularly for Flying Start Parenting Magazine and Flying Start Education Magazine.  I have a large social media presence, reaching out to bloggers from all communities and also the non-blogging community. I have recently been awarded a honourable mention in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, organised by the British Mummy Bloggers network (organisers of the Cybermummy conferences) as "Twitter Queen" - selected from a network of over 2000 parent bloggers.

Some interesting statstics:
(Lots more facts and figures available on request)

So what are you waiting for?  You can get in touch by emailing me at