Who has my TV mojo? I want it back!

Regular readers may have noticed that I haven't been over-enthusiastic about an TV watching recently.  This is mainly because I've written a few pieces for the Popsiculture blog but also because I am ever so slightly underwhelmed by the much-hyped new season of television during early-2011.

Louie Spence's Showbusiness
Brother Louie, Louie, Louie.  What have you turned into?  I mentioned the other day that you deserve a smack in the chops simply for out-camping yourself.  You seem to have taken the sparkle from Pineapple Dance Studios and injected it into yourself and it's all too much *sad face*  Also, the whole Andrew-Stone-Cannot-Get-A-Girlfriend-But-Everyone-Else-In-The-Band-Can-Cop-Off-With-Anyone-Leaving-Andrew-In-The-Corner-Looking-Forlorn storyline is *yawn*boring*yawn* now.  The only saving grace is the fact that Michael Beurk agreed to continue to be the voice-over chap.

Yes, these are my words you are reading.  As one of the two members founders of the (Unofficial) Starman Fan Club and actual interviewer of Andrew Stone, I am very disheartened.  Has the worm turned? Well, therein lies the question.  I'm still watching, waiting for that magic to return.  I'd better not be wasting my time!  I've yet to see Louie and Andrew in the same scene/shot together and no-one has explained the mysterious disappearance of Tricia Walsh-Smith.

A very slow start to the new series with not many uplifting songs.  The highlights of the opening episode were the boys singing Billionaire and a version of Telephone sung by Rachel and Sunshine and then just a mess of nothing-ness.  The second episode (guest starring Britney Spears) was just as underwhelming and the third episode elicited "this is boring me" and "it's shit" -type tweets from me.  I have died a little inside.  It is NOT all right to tackle hard hitting issues such as death and religion.  I want to see Sue Sylvester bullying students and random famous people singing even more random songs.

Again, I am going to stick with it.  I feel it is my duty.  And thanks to the brilliance of acting that spouts from ever pore of Jane Lynch's body, of course, we can only go up from here, can't we?

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
I am completely torn by this programme.  I can see that the travelling community wanted to try and break down barriers.  I can see that the editing of the programme is biased.  I can see that we, as a collective, find their whole way of living unusual.  But watching some of the Twitter and Facebook updates posted by people watching the show made me squirm a little - there was a lot of judgemental opinions aimed at this week's episode .  Unless, of course, we are talking about this week's Mother of the Bride.  *cough*muttondressedaslamb*cough*

A lot of the best television is lumped together on three days of the week and there is sod all on Wednesdays.  Am I sad because I now have the planner set to record the repeats of Dear John (80s sitcom) on GOLD whilst I'm at work?  Is it time for me to enter the TV-Watchers Annonymous Retirement Home where I shall be found sat next to @TVKev and @AngryBritian?   Will I be found slowly rocking in time to the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune, proving to anyone who visits that I can still do the Blockbusters hand-jive and wondering why the nice young man on Deal or No Deal looks like the man who used to be Mr Blobby?

* * *

Edited to add:  I have been issued with a challenge by the Popsiculture guys.  I am to watch something, anything, that I haven't watched before and write up a fair review for them.  What do you suggest?