Review : Ikea LÖMSK Swivel Chair

Ikea very kindly sent us the LÖMSK Swivel Chair to try out.  My first impressions were that it was wasted on a two year old and I wanted an adult version!  

As you can see, Amie has had enormous fun as chief tester - spinning, hiding, chilling - and even keeps her favourite toy hidden in there so that Uncle Jake can't steal it when she is not here.

The chair is made of hard (polypropylene) plastic and has an extra wide (and heavy) base to prevent it from falling over.  We tested the red version but it is also available in blue.  The idea behind the chair is that the spinning motion (when not being used as a toddler version of the Waltzer at the Easter Fair) can have a calming effect, and boy, do we need plenty of help with that in this house!  The hood is an ingenious idea as it allows the child a hiding place - or somewhere for a couple of minutes time-out - a private space in the busy atmosphere of a family home.

The chair is available from Ikea stores and retails at around £45 (at the time of publishing).

* * *

Ikea have recently launched their Make The World Play More Facebook page which is well worth a visit.  The application allows parents and children to create their own book, complete with illustrations, following one of three scenarios.  Also Ikea are running a competition called Your Fridge Door where you can upload a photograph of your child's artwork and win the MALA set.  There are more details about these competitions if you follow the links.