Just curtsey on the way past...

Back in mid-December the team at British Mummy Bloggers announced that there was to be a "Brilliance in Blogging" Award Ceremony, celebrating the great blogs of 2010.  All bloggers were invited to nominate their favourite blogs in five separate categories which were then narrowed down to a short long list on which we were invited to vote.  Today the results were announced on Twitter using the #brillBMB hashtag and you can see all the results in a full blog post over on The BMB Blog.  It was a lovely, albeit hectic, half-hour on Twitter, celebrating some fantastic blogs, bloggers and posts - a great way to spend my lunch break.  And that was that...

... or so I thought!

[drum roll]

There was a final announcement...
An honourable mention...
This wasn't even a section on the nominations form!  This is like being at the BAFTA's and the a noted member of the Academy starts the address  for the Fellowship Award.  Or at the British Comedy Awards when the Lifetime Achievement showreel starts.  If a camera had have zoomed in on me at the moment that tweet appeared in my timeline, I would have looked a little bit like this:

Who's Queen?

I have no idea who the voting committee for this award were but I am deeply amused gobsmacked appreciative and very much bemused.  All the hard work skiving time spent bashing out those 42,000 + (and rising) tweets now seems worthwhile.  So, a massive THANK YOU to BMB and its community.  I wistfully remember the days when Twitter was just myself, Stephen Fry and a few other people dotted around here and there and there was no such thing as Twitter Jail.  Now, it is a great source of entertainment, information and friendship.

I accept my award with aplomb and will continue to keep up the good work, even to the extent of including the hashtag #TwitterQueen after all my tweets for the foreseeable future.  


Nickie O'Hara Metro - Nickie O'Hara


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