The Fridge of a Bad Parent

All these pictures of beautiful bulging fridges full of food and interesting jars and containers are annoying me.

First of all, I don't keep eggs in the fridge.  No, no, no!!!  Eggs should be room temperature and kept on top of the microwave like in our house.  All condiments and jars of sauces and spreads are kept in the pantry cupboard above the fridge along with the cereal and bread.

Finally, this is totally and utterly representative of our fridge.  In fact, this isn't the worst it's been (but it has been better, obviously) and no, I don't have another fridge in the shed or the garage hiding all the good stuff because I have neither of those things.  There are rarely leftovers as we have two ever-growing boys and a dog and we tend to use food out of the freezer or buy fresh on the day.

Ice Tray
I have no idea.  It is completely iced up and overflowing.
The door is broken but frozen in place.

Top Shelf
Tub of "fiery jalapeños and garlic" houmous 
Chicken and stuffing in a plastic box
Coleslaw that is just on the verge of being past its best
Cream Cheese that seems to have been in there forever 

Middle Shelf
Stork margarine 
Four bottles of Budweiser 

Bottom Shelf
Six cans of Carlsberg Export

Salad Drawer

Door - Top Tray
A bit of butter, to be used for greasing next time I bake
Garlic and liver paté

Door - Middle Shelf
Two cans of Carlsberg Export 
A bottle of Irish Meadow (it's not Baileys - it just thinks it is)
Some semi-skimmed milk
Some more butter for cooking

Door - Bottom Shelf
An almost empty, very sticky, jar of strawberry jam


Edit: Thursday Afternoon

I got bullied into going shopping.

The fridge looks a little better now with some yoghurts, boiled ham, new coleslaw, bacon, sausages, cheese and more milk.  Oh and there's a couple of pasties from Gregg's left over from lunch time.  I'm such a chav!

It's ended up like a "spot the difference" challenge, hasn't it?


Thank you to Cass from Frugal Family for allowing me to give you the opportunity to make you feel good about yourself.

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