More Me

More useless information about me that you probably knew already but you're here anyway and might as well read... *ahem*

  • Three names I go by: Nic/Nickie, Mum/Nana, Tally (yes, I know that's five.  So shoot me!).
  • Three places I’ve lived: The Fylde, Preston, Blackburn (I have always lived in Lancashire).
  • Three places I’ve worked: Insurance brokers, Advertising Agency, Educational Charity.
  • Three things I love to watch: Cougar Town, Glee, Six Feet Under (the re-runs on Sky Atlantic).
  • Three places I have been and love: Ibiza, the back end of St Annes beach (read this), The Algarve (pics here).
  • Three people that email me regularly: Manda (it used to be to offer me work, but now it's to offer me coffee), my boss, my husband (usually to ask me to pay for stuff he's bought on eBay!).
  • Three things I love to eat: chicken, Ainsley Harriott's East Indian Mulligatwny Cup-a-Soup, my own "chuck it all in" omelette.
  • Three people I think will respond:  All of them, none of them, one of them, even if it's to tell me to fuck off.
  • Three things I am looking forward to: the Cybermummy 2011 conference, a box of Maltesers that are hidden at the back of the pantry, going back to work tomorrow.

I had to do this before Marylin and Jo hunted me down and killed me.  To take this forward, I am going to tag a group of people whom I have just made acquaintance with via the British Mummy Bloggers network: