Glorified Prostitution

Time for a mini-rant.

I can't seem to read a British newspaper without being faced with stories about glorified prostitutes shagging very famous married blokes.  In turn, these very famous blokes then get a bit scared about their fame and fortune being threatened so slap a gagging order on the prostitute to stop her selling her story.  Said prostitute manages to employ the services of one very renown PR consultant who encourages the sale of "teasers" to the papers.

Here are my observations.  I feel like I'm stating the bleedin' obvious here:

  • Prostitution may be the oldest profession in the world and whilst the legalities of it all are a bit cloudy I presume that hanging around in clubs and bars, presenting your availability, is classed as "soliciting in a public place" which is actually illegal.
  • If taking the "legal" route, then everyone must be paying tax on their earnings, surely?
  • Shagging around appears to be par for the course if you are a Premiership football player, a judge, an actor, a politician  or have a high-profile profession.  
  • When your affair with a high-profile 'family man' is over and your attempts to make money off the experience is met with a gagging order, don't sulk - you shouldn't have been shagging each other in the first place.
  • Appearing on X-Factor is so last year.  If you have the right PR team advising, you will be able to release a book, have your own reality show, design a clothing line and a obtain record contract within a couple of months.  And people will buy into it.
  • We all have choices about what we put on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, we all have choices about who we accept as friends and allow to see our "personal photos".  If one of these appears in the press maybe take a look at your settings or your friends list before going off on one.
  • If you are in a fairly normal relationship, tipping off the paps and taking backhanders for doing so, isn't really going to do your relationship any favours, I imagine. (*cough* my thoughts *cough*)
  • Fame and fortune may be the way to go now but everything that has gone to print is there forever.  Your grandchildren are going to be so proud, aren't they?

There is so much wrong in today's world and glorifying activities like this give the next generation false hope and ambition.  We can only protect them from so much and at some point we will have to allow our children to make up their own mind.  There are women and children all over the world forced into the sex trade who have absolutely no choice in the matter yet the British press appear to believe that sensationalising prostitution and extra marital affairs is newsworthy.

I'm all for free choice but this is challenging and degrading the empowerment and freedom that women have fought for.