The MAD Blog Awards 2011 - Finalist!

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Well, how about that?  I've only gone and made it into the finals round of nominations of the MAD Blog Awards 2011! The "MADs" celebrate the UK's best Mum & Dad blogs are are sponsored by ParentDish.

The Typecast blog (ergo, ME) has been place in the category for "Most Innovative MAD Blog" (I can spell it but I can't pronounce it) and, in all honesty, I am so proud to have been nominated for this category as that definition describes Typecast down to a tee:

in·no·va·tive/ˈinəˌvātiv/Adjective1. (of a product, idea, etc.) Featuring new methods; advanced and original.  2. (of a person) Introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking

Source: Google

Firstly I am grateful to everyone who nominated me in the first place and secondly to the uber-fantastic panel of judges for selecting this blog to be one of the finalists.

There were more than 750 blogs nominated in fifteen categories and I am listed alongside four fantastic blogs - each one innovative for different reasons. You can find a summary of each of the Most Innovative blogs here and my fellow nominees are:
The full list of finalists is available (with links to their blogs) on the MADs website.

I have to ask if you would consider voting for me just one more time?  You can click through to vote here (you can vote in all the other categories at the same time) and it will take about 2 minutes of your time using the drop-down menus.

Voting is open until 17th June 2011 at 9pm so you have plenty of time to cast your vote and then you just have to keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thanks everyone.  Stirling work!